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These panels are targeted towards the interests of those professionals with over 5 years of work experience.

Pivoting Careers Like A Pro

Sometimes you find yourself working in a field outside of your education and passion area. Other times you are just ready for a career switch to a better field. Either way, many Cameroonian professionals find themselves working in fields they are ready to move away from. This panel will feature successful career switchers and assess best practices for making a career pivot without losing momentum.


Moderator: Kitor Fofung

1. Arnaud Nangne
2. Sidney Ngochi
3. Judith Mbuy Nwana

Growth Hacking Your Way to Upper Management

Making the transition from middle management to the executive ranks is difficult. When it comes to managing your career, how do you prepare yourself to move up? This panel of C-suite Executives will touch on what abilities professionals should focus on developing as they choose companies, functions and jobs on their journey the executive level.


Moderator: Thomas Ndomb
1. Abam Mambo-Doh
2. Severin Wandji
3. Stephen Fusi

Specks & Views from the top

A moderated panel of Cameroonian professionals who have reached the apex of their respective fields will discuss their personal career journeys. Prepare to hear about their career challenges, accomplishments, what they would do differently and other noteworthy narratives.


Moderator: Joe Fonlon
1. Acha Leke
2. Florence Tangka

Getting involved in Entrepreneurship in Cameroon/Africa

The entrepreneurs on this panel represent a group of Cameroonian professionals who are involved in businesses currently operating on the ground in Africa. This panel will discuss the day-to-day challenges which arise as they juggle life in the US while running businesses in Africa.



Moderator: Dr. Kakeu
1. Valentine Nzegung
2. Eric Chinje
3. Dr. Bongang

Repatriating & Working in Cameroon/West Africa

Ever thought of someday repatriating and working in West Africa? This panel of Cameroonians have actually done it. Panelists will discuss the day-to-day challenges they face and opportunities that arise as part of working on the continent, and offer best practices and case studies for those interested in working on the continent.


Moderator: Asong LeKeaka
1. Nayah Kathurima
2. Elias Pungong
3. Elvis Angyiembe

Building your personal brand (online and in person)

Facilitators: Larry Kamgui

Startups & Incubators: Starting a company in the US


Unorthodox Professions: Not Your Typical Cameroonian Professional

Facilitators: Mbu Waindim/Asong L

Businesses of the Future

 Facilitators: Enow Affuembey

Getting Involved in Entrepreneurship in Cameroon/Africa

 Facilitators: Dr. Kakeu

Influencing Cameroon's Economic Growth: What Would it Take?

 Facilitators: Eric Chinje